Where do you Glo?

young couple with white teethGlo of LKN is the up and coming way of whitening your teeth and making your smile the best it can be. At Glo we know that your smile is usually what makes a first-impression on others. Whitening your teeth and keeping them white is a great way to not only feel great about yourself, but also to let others know that you feel confident with your white smile.

At Glo we promise you will not be confused by your choice of teeth whitening options. We offer 3 packages. 15, 30, and 45 minutes. The longer you stay under the light, the whiter your teeth will be. We also promise no hidden cost or extra fees. You will not leave feeling like you just spent a fortune, because we have a lower overhead we can pass the savings directly on to you.

When you come to Glo for your teeth whitening you will experience a relaxing and spa-like environment. Our trained professionals will guide you in applying the gel to your teeth. You will then relax under our light to get the whitest teeth possible. Using our product and our lights are way more easier, quicker and more affordable than using strips, trays or other home treatments. You will leave feeling motivated, and most of all you will feel better about yourself.

We are confident that after having your teeth whitened at Glo you will make such a great impression on others, they will ask….
Where do you Glo?

  • Contact

    Glo of Lake Norman
    105 Singleton Road, Unit 102
    Mooresville, NC 28117
    at the traffic circle in Morrison Plantation
    704-663-2GLO (704-663-2456)

  • Hours

    Sunday: Closed
    Monday: 10am - 6pm
    Tuesday: 10am - 6pm
    Wednesday: 10am - 6pm
    Thursday: 10am - 6pm
    Friday: 10am - 6pm
    Saturday: 10am - 2pm